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Actor Hema Released on Conditional Bail After Bengaluru Rave Party

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Actor Hema has been granted conditional bail and released from custody following her arrest in connection with a rave party bust in Bengaluru. The Central Crime Branch (CCB) apprehended her earlier this month amid allegations of drug consumption at the party.

Hema’s release came after she approached the NDPS special court and was directed to cooperate with ongoing investigations. She had been in custody since June 3, and a video circulated after her release shows her completing paperwork and interacting with police before leaving. In the video, she can be heard cautioning against sharing unnecessary information with the press present at the scene.

The incident traces back to May 19 when a rave party was reportedly organized at a farmhouse near Electronic City. Acting on a tip-off, the CCB conducted a raid, collecting blood samples from attendees. Reports indicate that Hema was among 86 individuals who tested positive for narcotics, according to PTI. Her subsequent arrest on June 3 followed after her responses during interrogation were deemed unsatisfactory.

Outside the police station, Hema vehemently maintained her innocence, stating, “I didn’t do anything. I am innocent. Look at what they’re doing to me. I did not take drugs.” She clarified that videos purportedly showing her in Bengaluru were actually filmed in Hyderabad, where she was seen cooking and enjoying time at a farmhouse.



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