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AP Home Minister Anitha Calls for Police and Social Reforms

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AP Home Minister Vangalapudi Anitha addressing the media on police reforms.

Andhra Pradesh Home Minister Vangalapudi Anitha has called for police officers who still follow the old government’s ways to step aside. She stressed that the police should serve the people. Anitha said that those who act like they did before should voluntarily make way for those ready to work for the public. She said, “Please… step aside, so those who will work for the people can come forward. We are not asking you to work for Chandrababu, Pawan Kalyan, or the NDA. Work for the people.”

After taking her role as Home Minister at the Secretariat, Anitha spoke to the media, thanking the people of Andhra Pradesh and their leader Chandrababu for their support. She also vowed to perform her job well and thanked the Payakaraopeta community for their blessings.

Anitha threatened to take harsh measures against anyone who hurt feelings on social media and revealed plans to rename the Disha Police Stations. She promised that within a hundred days, the transport of marijuana and drugs would be greatly reduced. She also said the government would look into the illegal cases filed during the previous government. If the victims ask to reopen these cases, they will do so.

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