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AP Stops “Sakshi” Allowance, Saves Rs 300 Crore

by Rajesh
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AP government halts Sakshi newspaper allowance, saving Rs 300 crore over five years

A divisive policy of the previous YSR Congress government was to provide volunteers across the state with an allowance for newspapers. For each of the 2.6 lakh volunteers, this allowance (which amounted to Rs 200 per month) was set aside especially for the purchase of the “Sakshi” newspaper. In addition to the usual advertisements given to Sakshi, this policy significantly boosted the newspaper’s circulation.

However, the political landscape in Andhra Pradesh has shifted with the recent election of the TDP-JSP-BJP coalition. One of their first decisive actions was to terminate this newspaper allowance. A new Government Order has been issued to immediately halt the Rs 200/month “Sakshi” allowance for volunteers.

Beneath the past conspire, the government went through Rs 5.3 crore per month, or approximately Rs 60 crore per year. The state is anticipated to spare an shocking Rs 300 crore with this alter over the course of five a long time. By this choice, the Sakshi publication’s income for the another five a long time will be viably avoided from developing by Rs 300 crore.

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