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BJP Demands Apology from Rahul Gandhi for Politicizing Rohith Vemula’s Death

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BJP demands apology from Rahul Gandhi for politicizing Rohith Vemula's death

The BJP is demanding an apology from Rahul Gandhi in light of the closure report filed by Telangana Police regarding the Rohith Vemula suicide case. They’ve accused the Congress and its allies of exploiting Dalits for their own political agendas.

With the Congress government in power in Telangana, the BJP questioned whether Rahul Gandhi would extend an apology to the Dalit community now that the Telangana Police’s closure report states that Rohith Vemula wasn’t a Dalit and that his death was indeed a suicide.

Amit Malviya, the head of BJP’s IT Cell, criticized Rahul Gandhi for politicizing the matter and shared a video of his Lok Sabha speech on social media. In the caption, Malviya highlighted Gandhi’s exploitation of Vemula’s death for political gains and questioned if he would apologize to the Dalit community in light of the recent developments.

Malviya further criticized the Congress and other Opposition parties, claiming that they’ve consistently used Dalits for political purposes without delivering justice. This, according to him, is just another instance of their exploitation of marginalized communities for political mileage.


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