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Breaking: Ex-MLA’s Daughter Assault for Property Scam

by Naveen
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Ex-MLA’s Daughter Case: A shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh has grabbed national attention, involving a man sexually assaulting the daughter of a former MLA for property. The victim, hailing from Moradabad district, accused the police of being deceived by a person who extorted Rs.6 crores from her.

Allegedly, she endured five years of blackmail and physical harassment, including indecent photo exploitation, by the accused. She further claimed her father had sexually assaulted her multiple times and illegally acquired her property. Concerned for her safety, she transferred the property to her three sisters after her father’s demise, fearing further exploitation. Despite paying Rs.6 crores to delete obscene photos, they remain unreleased, leading to a police investigation. Authorities assured that if the victim’s evidence proves true, the accused will face arrest.


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