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Change of Name of Stamp – Govt Issued Gazette..!!

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Mudragada Padbhanabham

Kapu movement leader Mudragada changed his name. During the election, Mudragada challenged that if Pawan wins from Pithapuram, he will change his name. Pawan won the election. With this, the soldiers questioned the name change of Mudragada. At that time he revealed that he applied for name change. Now Mudragada has been changed to Padmanabha Reddy by AP Government Gazette.

Mudragada joined the YCP before the Padmanabham elections. Before that there was an attempt to join the Jana Sena. Mudragada said that he is ready to work with Vapan. But, despite the publicity that Pawan would come to Mudrag’s house, it was not possible. With this, the YCP leaders came into contact with Mudragada who decided not to join the Jana Sena. As a result he joined YCP. Campaigned against Pawan in Pithapuram. He vowed to defeat Pawan.

He made a village-to-village tour with his acquaintances in Pithaparam. Pawan was severely criticized. What is Pawan’s connection with Pithapuram? He vowed to change his name to Padmanabha Reddy if he could not defeat Pawan. Pawan won the election with a huge majority. With this, the Janasena ranks have questioned on social media that when will the name of Mudragada be changed. Mudragada has applied for the formal process to enable the name change. Recently a gazette was issued by the government changing the name of Mudragada to Padmanabha Reddy.

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