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Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan: Directives and Priorities

by Rajesh
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Pawan Kalyan addressing assembly

Deputy CM Pawan Kalyan, has instructed officials to create a special route map to safeguard forest resources, emphasizing the preservation of mangrove forests as a top priority. He stressed the importance of holding accountable those who harm these resources.

Additionally, Pawan Kalyan emphasized the need to ensure that funds allocated for employment guarantees are protected from misuse. He proposed utilizing these funds for comprehensive village development initiatives.

After being sworn in as a lawmaker recently, Pawan Kalyan was invited by Protem Speaker Gorantla Butchaiah Choudhary to address the Assembly, and he was warmly welcomed. Members of the BJP, Janasena, and Telugu Desam greeted him with great enthusiasm and applauded his arrival.

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