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Jagan Meets DK Sivakumar to Discuss Merging YCP with Congress

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"Jagan Mohan Reddy meets DK Sivakumar to discuss merging YSR Congress with Congress following significant electoral losses in Andhra Pradesh."

After being reduced to just 11 MLAs in the Andhra Pradesh assembly, the YSR Congress is facing near irrelevance in the legislative house. In response to this, party leader Jagan Mohan Reddy has written to the Speaker requesting recognition as the opposition.

Nallimilli Rama Krishna Reddy, a BJP MLA who won the Anaparthy seat in the most recent election after defecting from the TDP, has asserted that Jagan is preparing to combine the YSR Congress and Congress. Reddy claims that Jagan is prepared for the merger and sees no reason to continue leading his party separately. Additionally, he stated that Jagan met with DK Sivakumar, the leader of the Karnataka Congress, to discuss this plan and imposed a condition that the merger take place only after Sharmila’s internal issues were resolved.

Sharmila herself recently suggested that all YSR Congress members should join Congress, echoing the idea of a merger.

The YSR Congress’s severe electoral defeats have raised a lot of questions and criticism from rival political parties, including BJP MLAs who have mocked the party’s leadership, even though there is little chance that this merger will happen.

This situation highlights the current challenges facing the YSR Congress and the shifting political landscape in Andhra Pradesh following the latest elections.

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