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Jagan Mohan Takes Back Gate Entry Amid ‘Jagan Mavayya’ Trolls

by Rajesh
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YS Jagan Reddy entering the assembly amidst protests.

YSRCP leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy took his oath as MLA today. Chandrababu Naidu agreed to YSRCP’s request for Jagan to take oath after the ministers instead of by alphabetical order. This allowed Jagan to complete his oath after the ministers were sworn in.

Earlier, YSRCP requested and Jagan’s car was allowed inside the assembly premises. However, unlike previous times when Jagan entered via the Seed Access Road through Mandam, this time he entered from a different route, possibly to avoid protests from Amaravati farmers. Upon reaching the assembly, Jagan entered the session five minutes after it began. He took his oath when his turn came and then proceeded inside.


Earlier, Jagan faced some opposition upon arriving at the Assembly. Some individuals chanted slogans like ‘Jagan Mamayya’ upon seeing his car.

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