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KTR seems to be enlightened

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Congress party is violating the rights of opposition MLAs: KTR

After the defeat in the two consecutive elections, the working president of BRS seems to be enlightened. Kateyar now realizes that his attitude is the main reason for the defeat in the Assembly elections as well as the defeat in the Parliament elections.

That’s why while talking to the media, they admitted that the reason for the party’s defeat was their mistakes.

It is known that BRS lost in the assembly elections with 39 seats. It will also be remembered that he was badly defeated in the recent parliamentary elections. Kesiar, Ketiyar, Harish Rao and others said that they will correct the reasons for the defeat in the Assembly elections and recover in the Parliament elections. People also thought it was true. But there is no change in their attitude. The party lost badly in the parliamentary elections due to several reasons. Out of 17 seats, only one party did not win at least one seat. Earlier, KSIar, Ketiyar and Harish Rao had said many times that Congress party cheated the people and won by voting for their defeat in the assembly elections. Those who say Congress cheated people in the name of six guarantees have forgotten how they won twice.

After losing badly in the next parliamentary elections, they did not speak anywhere for many days. At the end of the day, Katiyar spoke with Harish at a media conference in Delhi and agreed that it is not right to blame the people for the party’s defeat. People admitted that BRS was defeated because they made mistakes. They agreed to change their attitude. Kateyar finally admitted to the people that they had a big gap. They argued that it was their fault that they could not claim the good they had done in ten years. But Kateyar lied in this matter.

However, when they were in power for ten years, they took care not to get news and articles against them in the media. Majority of the media have projected KCR and BRS positively. Kesiar did not tolerate negative stories and news at all. That’s why many media owners who are afraid of KC have hidden the facts. As a result, KSIar and Ketiyar do not know what people think about their government and party. If the same media had not interfered, it would have been understood by Kesiar and Ketiyar, who would have written the facts of the field, right or wrong.

At the same time some other interesting points were mentioned. They reminded that they got more seats in the greater area developed by them. He said that it was surprising that Jaganmohan Reddy lost despite implementing welfare schemes on a large scale in AP. At the same time, Harish revealed the truth that BRS has not gained anything due to defections. He said that if tickets were given to 11 MLAs who joined the party by encouraging defections, 10 of them lost. Harish, however, misrepresented the number of defections. During his tenure of ten years, four MPs, 25 MLAs and 18 MLCs from other parties were lured into the party. Ketiyar dismissed the campaign that he defeated his party’s candidates because he was away from the masses. Ketiyar countered by asking why Dharmavaram MLA Kethireddy Venkataramareddy in AP lost with the people for five years. Why do people vote for whom? He accepted the fact that no one knows why someone will be defeated. After facing two defeats in a row, Ktiyar said that the reason for BRS’s defeat was the mistakes they had made.

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