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Mumbai Doctor Shocked to Find Human Finger in Ice Cream Order

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A close-up of a vanilla ice cream cone with chocolate syrup swirls

Human Finger in Ice Cream: In a startling incident, an online order for ice cream turned out to contain what a Mumbai doctor believes to be a piece of human finger. On Wednesday, Dr. Brendan Serrao had asked his sister to upgrade her online grocery order with some ice cream.

When the Yummo ice-cream cones were delivered and Dr. Serrao began eating, he felt something unusual in his mouth. Upon investigation, he pulled out a small piece of what appeared to be a severed human finger, approximately 2 cm long.

An investigation was sparked by Dr. Serrao’s prompt reporting of the incident to the Malad Police Station. The police have submitted the piece of the finger for forensic examination.


There hasn’t been a response from the ice cream company despite efforts to contact them. A representative did, however, say that a statement would be released shortly.

Yummo Ice-creams is a well-known brand of frozen desserts and food items that was founded in 2012 by Walko Food Co. Ltd.

With his background in medicine, Dr. Serrao was able to identify the body part and preserved it in an ice pack, which he then gave to the authorities as proof.


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