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Pawan Kalyan Adds Glamour to Deputy CM Role in Andhra Pradesh

by Rajesh
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Pawan Kalyan receiving a warm welcome from supporters as he arrives at the secretariat for the first time as Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

As is customary, departing Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy nominated nine deputy chief ministers during his five-year tenure. But, Chandrababu Naidu took a different approach by designating Pawan Kalyan as the Deputy Chief Minister, thus elevating the position’s significance.

In the past, the Deputy CM position was not very influential and was seen as more of an honorary title. But with Pawan Kalyan’s appointment, the role has gained a lot more attention.

When Pawan Kalyan visited the secretariat for the first time as Deputy CM, he received a warm welcome from locals. Supporters of the Jana Sena Party and farmers from Amaravati greeted him with flowers along the entire route.

All of Andhra Pradesh is now watching to see what Pawan Kalyan will do as Deputy CM and as the Minister of Panchayat Raj and Forest Department. Chandrababu Naidu thinks very highly of Pawan and made sure his office is close to the Chief Minister’s chamber, showing their close working relationship.

A cabinet position’s significance usually stems from the duties associated with it, but in Pawan Kalyan’s case, the Deputy CM role is becoming more prominent and glamorous due to his star power and dynamic personality; his appointment is a momentous occasion for Andhra Pradesh, combining popular appeal with political acumen.

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