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Pawan Kalyan Extends Gratitude to Modi on Behalf of AP Citizens

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Pawan Kalyan addresses the crowd at Kootami Sabha in Rajahmundry.

Pawan Kalyan of Janasena participated in the Kootami Sabha held near Rajahmundry in Vemagiri. During his address, he lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi, praising him for showcasing India’s sovereignty and power to the world.

Kalyan emphasized the need for courage alongside development, citing Modi’s leadership in bolstering India’s defense capabilities, particularly the revocation of Article 370 in Kashmir. He hailed Modi as a leader who instills fear in terrorists and strengthens national security.

Drawing inspiration from poet Seshendra’s words, Kalyan likened Modi’s resolve to the steadfastness of nature, asserting that under Modi’s leadership, India stands proud and resilient. He commended Modi’s commitment to welfare schemes and recognized his efforts in elevating the status of artists through initiatives like the Padma Awards.

Expressing solidarity with Modi’s vision for India, Kalyan pledged unwavering support, vowing to dedicate not only the MPs from Andhra Pradesh but also their lives to realizing Modi’s dream of winning 400 parliamentary seats.

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