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Pawan Kalyan’s Political Success: The Power of 21

by Rajesh
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Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Jana Sena, has a deep affinity for the number 21. Together with the TDP and BJP, JanaSena achieved a noteworthy win in the most recent Assembly elections. The TDP awarded 21 seats to Jana Sena, a move that YSRCP condemned. Members of Pawan Kalyan’s party were informed of his decision.

After that, Pawan Kalyan pulled off an amazing feat in the general elections: he won every Assembly seat he ran for and every Lok Sabha seat he tried to win, for a perfect 100% success rate. Despite YSRCP reservations, Pawan entered the Assembly today with 21 MLAs and assumed the position of Deputy Chief Minister as the sessions got underway.

On social media, JanaSena supporters and Pawan’s followers are commemorating this achievement and highlighting the unique meaning of the number 21.

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