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PM Modi Criticizes Congress, Kharge Responds on NEET and More

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking ahead of the 18th Lok Sabha Session, pledged to work three times harder in his government’s third term. He pointed out that his administration is only the second since Independence to be re-elected for three consecutive terms, a noteworthy achievement after 60 years.

Before the Lok Sabha gathered, PM Modi took a strong swipe at the Congress, recalling the Emergency imposed by Indira Gandhi’s government 50 years ago. He called it a “black mark” on India’s democracy, stressing the need to remember how the Constitution was suspended, the country was turned into a prison, and democracy was seized. “The new generation must not forget this,” he said, urging the nation to vow it will never happen again.

Although the BJP didn’t secure a majority in the recent elections, PM Modi’s address showed his government remains resolute. He highlighted the need for a responsible Opposition that prioritizes substance over slogans and meaningful debate over theatrics. Modi urged MPs to focus on public welfare and congratulated the newly elected members who will take their oaths in the new Parliament building.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge quickly responded to the Prime Minister’s comments. He criticized Modi for dwelling on the Emergency while ignoring current issues like the NEET protests, the train accident in West Bengal, and ongoing violence in Manipur. Kharge accused the Prime Minister of imposing an “undeclared Emergency” over the past decade and argued that the recent elections showed a mandate against Modi’s leadership.

As the Parliament session kicks off, the political atmosphere is tense. The BJP, despite setbacks, is determined to advance its agenda, while the Opposition, strengthened by its numbers, is ready to challenge the government on multiple issues. The upcoming days in Parliament promise to be a hotbed of policy debates and political maneuvering.

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