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PM Modi Highlights AI Security and Global South Concerns at G7 Summit

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a significant impact at the G7 Outreach Summit in Apulia, Italy, addressing crucial topics like artificial intelligence (AI), sustainable energy, and the concerns of developing nations.

During his speech, Modi emphasized the positive potential of technology while highlighting the need for cybersecurity in our increasingly digital world. He pointed out India’s efforts in using AI for national progress, stressing the importance of transparency, security, accessibility, and responsible AI practices.

Here are key points from PM Modi address:

1. Modi underscored India’s commitment to representing the priorities and challenges of developing nations on the global stage.

2. He urged world leaders to use technology creatively rather than destructively, advocating for a future focused on sustainability.

3. Reflecting on India’s democratic strength, Modi expressed pride in participating in the G7 summit following his re-election, emphasizing the monumental scale of India’s democratic processes.

4. Highlighting India’s advancements in AI, Modi praised India for being an early adopter of a national AI strategy.

5. Modi recalled India’s advocacy for global governance in AI during its presidency of the G20 Summit last year.

6. Looking ahead to India’s vision for 2047, Modi reaffirmed the nation’s commitment to inclusive development, ensuring no segment of society is left behind.

7. Regarding climate action, Modi reiterated India’s pledge to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2070, emphasizing principles of energy availability, accessibility, affordability, and acceptability.

8. Modi also acknowledged India’s role in enhancing Africa’s representation in global forums like the G20, emphasizing India’s commitment to Africa’s economic and social development.

PM Modi also engaged in bilateral meetings with key leaders including UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, French President Emmanuel Macron, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. These discussions focused on strengthening diplomatic ties and promoting peaceful resolutions to global conflicts.


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