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Rahul Gandhi: Election Results Will Surprise the Nation

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Rahul Gandhi defends Smriti Irani!!

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi visited Telangana Bhavan in Delhi. During his visit, he with a bit of luck expected that the approaching election consequences might be surprising, expressing his perception that the INDIA alliance could win. He additionally mentioned his optimism about securing all seven seats in Delhi. Gandhi criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of undermining key troubles which includes the Constitution and reservations. He also alleged that Adani is exploiting the state’s wealth.

Modi currently said in an interview that he views himself as a divine being and an angel. He stated that even as his mother changed into alive, he taken into consideration himself biologically related to her, but after her lack of lifestyles, he believes he became despatched with the aid of God.

In reaction, Rahul Gandhi mocked these remarks, suggesting that absolutely everyone who claims they may be now not biologically associated ought to be taken directly to a psychiatrist.

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