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Talks between Putin and Kim start in North Korea

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Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin shaking hands

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin started their meeting in Pyongyang on Wednesday. It is anticipated that the two would reiterate their strategic alliance against Western leaders. In his introductory remarks, Putin expressed gratitude to Kim for his “unwavering support” of Russia’s conflict in Ukraine. On the second day of Putin’s official state visit, the meeting on Wednesday is anticipated to run roughly nine hours. The latest round of talks concerning trade and economic ties between the two nations—both of which are under Western sanctions—took place in North Korea.

In September, the two presidents of Russia had in-person discussions in the east of the country. These were followed by rounds of more informal negotiations in Pyongyang and Moscow. Putin stated in his opening remarks, according to the Russian news agency Interfax, “We made much headway in developing contemporary interstate relations as a result of your visit to Russia last year.” “A new fundamental document has been drafted to lay a long-term foundation for our relationship.”

Kim Jong Un administration is hopeful that the discussions would result in “deepening economic and trade relations” with Russia, according to North Korean official media on Wednesday. According to the U.S. State Department, North Korea has sent Russia weapons to use in its conflict with Ukraine, including more than 11,000 ammunition containers and dozens of ballistic missiles. According to U.S. sources, Putin is expected to request additional military assistance while in Pyongyang.

Matthew Miller, a spokesman for the state department, stated during a briefing on Tuesday, “We have seen him get incredibly desperate over the past few months and look to Iran to rebolster the military that he’s — military equipment that he has lost in Ukraine, to look to North Korea to rearm himself.” “And so I’m quite certain that that is what he’s up to.”

Putin was greeted with a ceremony on Wednesday in North Korea. He had arrived late on Tuesday and spent the night at a state guest house.

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