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Upendra Calls for Transparency in Darshan Murder Case

by Rajesh
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Upendra speaking at a public event

Star Upendra from Kannada has called for a public investigation into the detention of actor Darshan, who was involved in a fan’s death. Justice and impartial verdicts are needed in this widely publicized incident, Upendra emphasized.

“The entire nation is closely watching the tragic murder of Renukaswamy and Darshan’s subsequent arrest,” Upendra said in a social media statement. Transparency in investigations involving public figures is imperative. Public dissemination of investigational details and video evidence can avert manipulation, meddling, and corruption.”

He added, “Family members of Renukaswamy and Darshan’s fans have raised concerns and speculations. It should be mandatory for police to share video evidence during investigations. Technological advancements allow for video recording and live streaming, ensuring accountability.”

Darshan is charged with being involved in the murder, which is said to have been caused by a disparaging message sent to his partner, Pavithra Gowda, who is also being held as the main suspect. In relation to the case, 17 people have been arrested by the police.

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