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We Lost Due to Our Own Words: Kasu Mahesh Reddy

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Kasu Mahesh Reddy discussing YCP's election defeat

Kasu Mahesh Reddy, a current Legislative Assembly member for the YSR Congress Party (YCP), was one of the people who lost in the most recent elections as a result of the TDP alliance’s strong showing. He recently talked about the causes of YCP’s demise.

Kasu Mahesh Reddy drew attention to the fact that some YCP leaders were held accountable for their actions during the election campaign. He specifically stated that Chandrababu was arrested as a result of insults from some TDP leaders who defected to the YCP and insulted him. Reddy stressed that people have a tendency to become enraged and defend themselves when insulted, which he felt Chandrababu did during this election. He supported this opinion with references to the Ramayana and Mahabharata, and he recommended that Jagan have a similar outlook.

Reddy added that their loss was caused by YCP’s alcohol policy. He explained that budget liquor brands turned off voters who consume alcohol. He claimed that Sajjalaku and Vijayasai Reddy had disregarded his advice and the state’s liquor policy had not been changed. He continued by saying that the TDP’s campaign, which attacked the expensive and subpar liquor sales, had a big effect on the state’s drug addicts, who had become increasingly hostile to the government.

Additionally, Reddy noted that the sand policy and the land titling act negatively affected the poor and other communities, contributing to YCP’s loss in the elections.

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