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YSRCP Firebrand Leaders Bounce Back Faster Than Anticipated?

by Rajesh
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YSRCP leaders Ambati Ramababu, Roja, and Kodali Nani discussing politics in Andhra Pradesh.

YSRCP: In the recent Andhra Pradesh election, the YSR Congress Party suffered a major setback, plummeting from 151 seats to just 11 in the assembly.

After such a huge defeat, you’d expect the party and its leaders to take time to recover and get back into action. However, figures like Ambati Ramababu, Roja, and Kodali Nani, known for their outspokenness, have quickly returned to the political spotlight despite losing their own elections.

Ambati Ramababu has been discussing topics such as the Polavaram project with the media. Regarding the Rushikonda Palace issue, Roja has defended herself and stated that she doesn’t see any issues with it. Recently, Kodali Nani made headlines for standing up for Jagan when he was accused of stealing furniture.

Even though Ambati, Roja, and Kodali Nani faced heavy criticism and lost their elections, they’ve shown resilience by swiftly returning to the political scene in Andhra Pradesh.

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