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5 Shocking Details in Murder Case Against Kannada Actor Darshan

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Kannada actor Darshan Thoogudeepa and his girlfriend, Pavithra Gowda, are involved in a shocking murder case. Renukaswamy body was found in a Bengaluru drain on Sunday. Pavithra Gowda is the main accused, and Darshan, known as ‘Challenging Star,’ is the second accused. Darshan was arrested from his Mysuru farmhouse on Tuesday, along with Pavithra and 11 of his associates.

1. Social Media Trigger: Renukaswamy, from Chitradurga, reportedly made inappropriate comments on Pavithra Gowda’s social media posts. This allegedly led Pavithra to urge Darshan to retaliate.

2. Fan Club Connection: Darshan allegedly enlisted Raghavendra, also known as Raghu, who leads his fan club in Chitradurga, to gather information about Renukaswamy. The victim’s wife claimed Raghu picked him up from near their home.

3. Abduction and Assault: Reports say Renukaswamy was kidnapped and taken to a shed in Bengaluru’s Kamakshipalya. There, Darshan allegedly beat him with a belt while his aides attacked him with sticks until he was unconscious. He was then slammed against a wall, causing multiple bone fractures.

4. Gruesome Disposal: The victim body was dumped in a stormwater drain. A food delivery person noticed dogs nibbling on the body and alerted the authorities.

5. Non-cooperation: Karnataka Police say Darshan and Pavithra are not cooperating with the investigation and are hiding important details. Four other suspects are still being sought.

Darshan fans are shocked and cannot believe the allegations against their favorite star. Many have gathered outside police stations where Darshan is being questioned, forcing the police to use force to control the crowds.

This disturbing case has led many to question the hidden sides of their favorite celebrities and highlights the need for thorough and fair investigations to ensure justice is served.


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