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In the care of children…

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In the care of children...

It is enough that the rainy season has come. Sridevi’s son falls seriously ill. Due to hospital and treatment, he misses school more and falls behind in studies. The season does not affect Suma’s daughter next door. Healthy and active as always.

Due to the warm weather during this season, bacteria are more prevalent. Children are often affected by colds and fevers due to their low immunity. They should be told to wash their hands with soap after coming home from school, outside or before eating. It is enough to explain the importance of hygiene and create awareness among children. Infections can be prevented. When it is raining, indoor games should be played instead of being bored at home. Learn to complete small puzzles. If everyone sits together and reads a book, children bond with adults. It keeps them mentally healthy as well.

DRY: Children’s clothes should be careful not to get wet. Be taught to use waterproof jackets, umbrella or raincoat when going outside. He should be told to put on dry clothes immediately after coming home. Children’s shoes should also be waterproof. Don’t stay with wet socks too long. There is a risk of allergic feet with urine. Keep feet dry from time to time.

Nutrients: fresh vegetables, fruits, greens, eggs, dairy products should be provided to children. Stored ingredients should be cooked fresh and fed hot, not cold. Lemons and oranges which are rich in Vitamin-C boost immunity. Also soups made with vegetables and oatmeal dishes improve digestion in children.

Water: More waterborne illnesses greet children this season. It is better to drink boiled and cooled water during this period. It is also the time when mosquito bites are high. Diseases like malaria are spread through these. The arrangement of meshes for the windows of the house is good. Do not store water around the house. Do not keep wet clothes in the rooms. Just make sure that the child’s room is dry. Children are healthy even in rainy season.

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