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Yoga Can Boost Tourism and Jobs in J&K: PM Modi in Srinagar

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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On Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi highlighted how yoga can significantly increase tourism in Jammu and Kashmir, creating new job opportunities for locals.

Originally set to be held outdoors at the Sher-i-Kashmir International Conference Centre, the event was moved indoors due to early morning rain. Despite the weather, PM Modi addressed the dedicated crowd who stayed.

During the 10th International Yoga Day celebration by Dal Lake, PM Modi shared how Egypt used yoga to promote tourism. “I saw a video from Egypt where they held a yoga competition at famous tourist spots. It was very appealing to see people doing yoga in front of the pyramids. For Kashmir, yoga can become a big tourist attraction and a source of income,” he said.

PM Modi praised the attendees who stayed despite the rain, using their yoga mats for cover. “Our daughters used their mats to protect themselves from the rain, but they didn’t leave. It’s heartwarming to see such dedication,” he remarked.

PM Modi addressed misconceptions about yoga being only a spiritual practice. “Many think yoga is just a spiritual journey to find Allah, Ishwar, or God. But even without the spiritual aspect, yoga can help with personal growth. Personal development leads to benefits for society and humanity,” he explained.

PM Modi emphasized the long-term benefits of yoga, comparing it to daily routines like brushing teeth or combing hair. “Once yoga becomes a daily habit, it continuously offers benefits. Just like other daily routines, yoga can seamlessly become part of your life, providing ongoing advantages,” he said.

PM Modi also talked about how yoga can enhance focus and memory. “Attention is linked to how focused our mind is. Many people use techniques to improve memory, and those who follow these methods see improvements. Similarly, focusing on any task with full attention gives the best results with minimal effort, leading to personal satisfaction,” he stated. “Divided attention leads to more exhaustion,” he added.

PM Modi highlighted yoga’s potential to attract tourists to Jammu and Kashmir, create jobs, and promote personal and societal growth, emphasizing the various benefits of integrating yoga into daily life.

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