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Baahubali: Crown of Blood – Animated Series Review

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Baahubali: Crown of Blood – Animated Series Review:

Rating: 2.5/5


“Baahubali: Crown of Blood,” set in the famed Baahubali franchise, is now streaming on Hotstar in multiple languages. The series explores events preceding Bhallaladeva’s plot to kill Baahubali. It follows Baahubali and Bhallaladeva as they join forces to protect Mahishmati from the warlord Raktadev. However, to defeat Raktadev, they must confront their mentor, Kattappa, who now commands the enemy army. The story delves into why Kattappa becomes a traitor, who Raktadev is, and his reasons for wanting to destroy Mahishmati.


The standout element of this animated series is the compelling portrayal of the villain. Raktadev’s ideology and cruelty are well depicted, making the show more engaging as it progresses. Scenes featuring Baahubali’s interactions with Raktadev and his moments of indecision are executed well. For fans of the franchise, there is a surprise element in the latter episodes, which are particularly engaging and feature captivating battle scenes. The creators have introduced some creative and interesting ideas regarding the weapons and equipment used in warfare, enhancing the overall experience. Baahubali’s distinctive style and traits are well-maintained in the series.


Despite the Baahubali franchise’s significance in Tollywood, the Telugu dubbing quality of this animated series is notably poor, potentially irritating die-hard fans. The Hindi version retains the original film’s voice artists, providing authenticity that the Telugu version lacks. The animation quality of Baahubali’s character is disappointing and does not resemble Prabhas, unlike the other characters, whose animations are satisfactory. The twist involving Kattappa’s character is predictable, reducing the intrigue. The initial episodes lack interest, and the emotional depth that characterizes the Baahubali franchise is missing. As a result, the series falls short of delivering impactful emotions and a compelling cliffhanger.

Technical Aspects:

Kaala Bhairava’s music is adequate, but it doesn’t recreate Keeravani’s magic. The editing is crisp, with each episode lasting 20 minutes, but the direction by Jeevan J Kang and Navin John lacks depth and emotional resonance. The writing could have been stronger, and while the animation for most characters is satisfactory, Baahubali’s character animation is subpar.


Overall, “Baahubali: Crown of Blood” offers moments of engagement but ultimately delivers an underwhelming experience. The series starts slow, picking up momentum in the final episodes. The villain’s characterization and related twists are well-executed, but the poor Telugu dubbing and lack of emotional depth detract from the overall impact. The series may appeal more to children but is likely to disappoint older fans, resulting in a below-par viewing experience.


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