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Nindha Review: Intriguing Plot, Uneven Execution

by Naveen
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Movie Name: Nindha

Release Date: June 21, 2024

Starring: Varun Sandesh, Tanikella Bharani, Annie, Bhadram, Surya Kumar, Chatrapathi Sekhar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai, Shreya Rani Reddy, Q Madhu, and others

Director: Rajesh Jagannadham

Producer: Rajesh Jagannadham

Music Director: Santhu Omkar

Cinematographer: Ramiz Naveeth

Editor: Anil Kumar P

Nindha Review:

Rating: 2.5/5


Varun Sandesh starrer “Nindha,” directed by Rajesh Jagannadham, revolves around Vivek (Varun Sandesh), who kidnaps a Sub-Inspector, a doctor, a lawyer, a constable, and two commoners. Held hostage, they soon uncover Vivek’s quest to unearth the truth behind Balaraju’s (Chatrapathi Shekar) arrest for a brutal murder in Kandrakota. Who is Balaraju? Who was the victim? What motivates Vivek, and how are these characters connected? These questions unravel as the movie progresses.


  • Varun Sandesh’s commendable performance in a challenging role.
  • Strong performances by Chatrapathi Shekar, Tanikella Bharani, and Annie.
  • Engaging initial premise and storyline.
  • Good effort from Varun Sandesh to venture into different types of roles.


  • Loss of momentum towards the interval and in the second half.
  • Weak screenplay and a lack of refinement in the latter half.
  • Dialogues between Varun Sandesh and the hostages lack intensity and drama.
  • Varun Sandesh’s diction needs improvement for impactful delivery.
  • Underdeveloped characters like Surya, Bhadram, and Sidharth Gollapudi.
  • Some characters, like Shreya Rani Reddy, do not significantly contribute to the story.

Technical Aspects:

  • Director Rajesh Jagannadham introduces an interesting concept that needs better execution.
  • Santhu Omkar’s music is decent but poorly placed within the film.
  • Ramiz Naveeth’s cinematography is satisfactory.
  • Anil Kumar’s editing could have been sharper to maintain audience interest.
  • Adequate production values, but not exceptional.


“Nindha” offers a compelling storyline that falls short in execution. Despite Varun Sandesh’s effort to explore new roles, the film’s lackluster second half, weak character development, and pacing issues make it a forgettable watch.

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