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Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala Review: Slow Paced Drama

by Naveen
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Movie Name: Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala
Release Date: June 21, 2024
Starring: Pranav Preetham, Shagna Sri Venun, Sri Munichandra, Mandapeta Mallika Jagula, Bombay Padma
Director: Sreenath Pulakuram
Producer: Bhuvan Reddy Kovvuri
Music Director: Karthik Rodriguez
Cinematographer: Nikhil Surendran
Editor: Sreenath Pulakuram

Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala Review:

Rating: 2/5

Youthful entertainer Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala has hit the screens today. Pranav Preetham and Shagna Sri Venun played the lead roles. Let’s see how the film is.


Set in 2004, the story revolves around Vaasu (Pranav Preetham), an intermediate first-year student from Punganur, Chittoor district. Vaasu falls in love with his college mate, Kumari (Shagna Sri Venun). Kumari reciprocates his feelings, but misunderstandings create obstacles in their love story. As Vaasu uncovers startling facts about Kumari, the story takes intriguing turns. Will their love triumph? Watch the movie to find out.


  • The film blends love, comedy, and family sentiments well, especially around Vaasu’s character.
  • The emotional climax is well-executed.
  • The first half includes some decent comedy scenes.
  • Pranav Preetham delivers a realistic performance and fits his role well.
  • Shagna Sri Venun shines, adding glamour and charm.
  • The supporting cast performs adequately.


  • The story lacks a strong conflict point, making it hard to connect with the protagonist.
  • The screenplay is slow and unengaging, failing to capture the audience’s attention.
  • The film’s plot is routine and lacks originality.
  • Numerous unnecessary scenes serve as distractions, especially in the second half.
  • The pacing is slow, testing the audience’s patience.

Technical Aspects:

  • Karthik Rodriguez’s music composition is good, enhancing the film’s mood.
  • Nikhil Surendran’s cinematography captures natural locations beautifully.
  • The production values are decent.
  • The editing by Sreenath Pulakuram is just okay, needs more finesse.


Prabuthwa Junior Kalashala is a tedious romantic drama. While some scenes and the climax are well done, the rest of the movie fails to engage. The story is routine, and the narration is slow and boring. Despite good performances from the lead pair, the lack of a strong conflict and many dull moments in the second half makes the film disappointing.

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