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Prasanna Vadanam Movie Public Talk..!

by Rambabu.D
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Prasanna Vadanam Movie Public Talk..!

Prasanna Vadanam X Review: Suhas shines in this riveting drama mystery directed with the aid of Arjuna Y.K. After his achievement in Ambajipeta Marriage Band, Suhas another time proves his mettle as a lead actor. The movie follows Surya, an RJ, who faces a lifestyles-converting twist of fate, winning in a condition called ‘face blindness’. As he tackles this project, he turns into embroiled in a murder thriller.

Despite Sukumar B’s praise and the exhilaration generated thru the theatrical trailer, the film lives up to its promise and garners pinnacle-notch responses from critics and audiences alike. Backed by using a professional cast that includes Payal Radhakrishna and Harsha Chemuda, Prasanna Vadanam will captivate with its thrilling narrative. With the course of Arjuna Y.K. And with music with the aid of Vijay Bulganin, this mystery ensures compelling cinematic leisure.


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