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Raju Yadav Review: Getup Srinu Shines Despite Weak Script

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Raju Yadav Review: Getup Srinu Shines Despite Weak Script

Raju Yadav Review:


Movie Name: Raju Yadav

Release Date: May 24, 2024

Starring: Getup Srinu, Ankitha Kharat, Ananda Chakrapani, Mirchi Hemanth, Jabardasth Sunny, Santosh Kalwacharla

Director: Krishnamachary K.

Producers: Rajesh Kallepalli, Prashanth Reddy

Music Directors: Harshavardhan Rameshwar, Suresh Bobbili

Cinematographer: Sai Ram Uday D.F.Tech

Editor: Bonthala Nageswara Reddy


Raju Yadav, played by popular comedian Getup Srinu, is a man from Mahabubnagar whose life changes drastically after a cricket ball accident leaves him with a condition that forces him to smile all the time. Unable to afford the surgery recommended by doctors, Raju struggles with his new reality. His life takes a turn when he meets and falls for Sweety (Ankitha Kharat). The story revolves around how Sweety’s influence helps Raju navigate his challenges.


Getup Srinu shines in the challenging role of Raju Yadav, maintaining a constant smile throughout various situations in the film. His performance stands out, particularly in scenes that demand emotional depth. The comedic moments shared with his friends are genuine and evoke laughter. Ananda Chakrapani delivers a solid performance as Raju’s father, especially during the emotional scenes towards the end.


While the core concept of Raju Yadav is intriguing, the screenplay fails to build on it effectively. The narrative drags with poorly executed scenes that fail to engage the audience. The character of Sweety, though well-acted by Ankitha Kharat, feels too familiar and lacks originality, leading to predictable plot points. The film’s emotional weight, especially outside the climax, feels shallow, making it hard for viewers to connect. Additionally, the editing is subpar, resulting in numerous scenes that test the audience’s patience.

Technical Aspects:

Harshavardhan Rameshwar’s songs are mediocre, and the background score by Suresh Bobbili does little to enhance the film’s impact. Sai Ram’s cinematography is adequate, and the production values are satisfactory. However, the direction by Krishnamachary K. falls short, as the film relies heavily on a formulaic approach without much innovation. The lack of clarity and inconsistency in the protagonist’s behavior further detracts from the overall experience.


Overall, Raju Yadav is a lackluster romantic drama that struggles to engage with its overused plotline. While Getup Srinu’s performance and some comedic scenes are noteworthy, the film suffers from a weak screenplay and a lack of emotional depth. Consequently, Raju Yadav ends up being a disappointing watch.


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