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Sabari Review: Gripping Psychological Thriller

by Naveen
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Shabari Review: Gripping Psychological Thriller

Sabari Review:

Rating: 3/5


“Sabari” rotates around Sanjana, depicted by Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar, a single mother hooking with past injury and the challenges of the show. Her life takes an extreme turn when a man named Suryam, played by Emulate Gopi, gets to be focused on her girl Riya, driving to an arrangement of nerve-racking occasions and revelations.


  • Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar’s bona fide depiction of Sanjana includes profundity to the character and drives the enthusiastic center of the film.
  • Emulate Gopi’s execution as the threatening Suryam infuses a component of anticipation and pressure into the narrative.
  • Certain plot turns to fascinate the gathering of people and maintain intrigued all through the story.


  • The film’s to begin with half endures from a slow-paced and deadened account, characterized by over-the-top pieces and lackluster character development.
  • The screenplay falls flat to keep up force, coming about in disconnected narrating and a need for cohesive story flow.
  • A few plot components need rationale and come up short to resound with the gathering of people, reducing the effect of the general story.

Technical Aspects:

  • Gopisunder’s foundation score viably improves the suspenseful air of the film, including its general intensity.
  • Outwardly, the motion picture brags amazing cinematography and generation plan, capturing the quintessence of the story’s settings.
  • In any case, subpar altering and pacing issues prevent the encounter, diminishing the film’s general execution.


Sabari” offers a promising preface but wavers in its execution, falling flat to capitalize on its potential as a mental anticipation thriller. Whereas Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar’s execution sparkles, the film is eventually let down by its powerless screenplay and need for story coherence. Despite a few compelling minutes, it battles to keep up engagement and falls brief of conveying a fulfilling involvement.


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