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Yakshini Review: A Fantasy Series with Mixed Results

by Naveen
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Movie Name: Yakshini
Release Date: June 14, 2024
Starring: Rahul Vijay, Vedhika, Lakshmi Manchu, Ajay, etc.
Director: Teja Marni
Producers: Shobu Yarlagadda, Prasad Devineni
Music Director: Priyadarshan Balasubramanian
Cinematographer: Jagadeesh Cheekati
Editor: Karthikeyan Rohini

Yakshini Review:

Rating: 3/5


Yakshini, produced by the makers of the Baahubali franchise, marks Vedhika’s debut on OTT. This Telugu fantasy series also features Rahul Vijay, Lakshmi Manchu, and Ajay in pivotal roles and is available for streaming on Disney Plus Hotstar.

Cursed by Kubera, the King of the Yakshinis, Maya (Vedhika) must kill 100 humans to return to her homeland, Alkapuri, with the 100th victim being a willing virgin. She targets the innocent Krishna (Rahul Vijay), falls in love with him, and marries him. However, just as she is about to kill him, Mahakal (Ajay) intervenes. Who is Mahakal, and why does he despise Maya? What role does Jwalamukhi (Lakshmi Manchu) play? Is Krishna aware of Maya’s deadly plan? Can Maya complete her mission and return to Alkapuri? Discover the answers in this series.


  • Vedhika’s Performance: Shines in her OTT debut, delivering a commendable and beautiful portrayal of a Yakshini.
  • Rahul Vijay’s Role: Fits his character well and entertains with his performance.
  • Ajay as Mahakal: Justifies his character and adds the necessary tension to the show.
  • Lakshmi Manchu: Performs decently in her given space.
  • Supporting Cast: Adequate performances by the remaining supporting actors.


  • Simple Plot: The story is straightforward and lacks gripping narration.
  • Pacing Issues: The show starts strong but loses momentum in the middle episodes and has an overextended final episode.
  • Lack of Twists: The narrative is predictable with few surprises.
  • Emotional Depth: The connection between Vedhika and Rahul Vijay’s characters could have been deeper.
  • CG Work: Disappointing considering the high expectations from the producers of Baahubali.
  • Screenplay: Needed to be more engaging to maintain interest throughout the series.
  • Unnecessary Scenes: Some scenes felt redundant and could have been omitted for a tighter narrative.

Technical Aspects:

  • Direction: Teja Marni manages the show reasonably well but the screenplay lacks engagement.
  • Music: Priyadarshan Balasubramanian provides a decent ambiance.
  • Cinematography: Jagadeesh Cheekati’s work is satisfactory.
  • Production Quality: Good, but CG work is a significant letdown.
  • Editing: Fair but requires improvement in several areas for a smoother flow.


Overall, Yakshini is a 6-episode series that offers a mix of fantasy, thrills, and comedy but entertains only in parts. Despite adequate performances by Vedhika, Rahul Vijay, and Ajay, the straightforward narrative lacks a compelling screenplay, resulting in a predictable plot. The poor CG work, lack of a deeper emotional connection, and a few unnecessary scenes are notable drawbacks. Even if you are a hardcore fan of fantasy dramas, it is advisable to keep your expectations low. Others can explore alternative entertainment options.

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