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Ajay Ghosh Throws Down the Gauntlet for “Music Shop Murthy”

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Telugu actor Ajay Ghosh is making a bold statement for his upcoming film “Music Shop Murthy.” This family drama, co-starring Chandini Chowdhary, is set to release on June 14th.

During the pre-release event, Ghosh expressed strong belief in the film. He called it a “family entertainer” with a powerful emotional core that audiences will love. But Ghosh didn’t stop there.

In a surprising move, Ghosh offered a unique challenge. He declared his faith in the film, even though it’s a smaller production. He then made a daring promise: watch “Music Shop Murthy” in theaters, and if you truly dislike it, Ghosh himself will provide his phone number for feedback! This has generated significant buzz online, leaving audiences curious to see if the film can live up to Ghosh’s confidence.

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