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Bollywood Legend Alka Yagnik Shares Rare Hearing Condition

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Alka Yagnik, the beloved Bollywood singer famous for her hits in the 90s, recently shared personal news on Instagram. She bravely revealed a rare hearing loss caused by a sudden viral attack. In a heartfelt post, Alka reached out to fans and friends, expressing surprise and seeking their support during this tough time. She thanked everyone for their concern and shared her journey of coming to terms with the unexpected setback .AlkaYagnik additionally utilized a chance to caution her fans, particularly younger people, regarding the dangers of loud music and earbuds.


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focusing on her own musical business knowledge, she emphasized the significance of hearing protection. Despite the defeat, Alka stays hopeful and has asked for requests from her followers. She conveyed an interest to raise consciousness about medical issues confronting professionals in her field, in which precise pronunciation is critical for improving on-screen performances.

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