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Akshay Kumar Success Secret: Director Ahmed Khan Speaks Out

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Akshay Kumar Success Secret: Director Ahmed Khan Speaks Out

Some of the most famous Bollywood celebrities include Akshay Kumar who is said to be one of the most dedicated and hardworking personalities in the industry.Later on, a choreographer and a film producer Ahmed Khan cleared it up and said that money is not the main thing which pushes Kumar.

According to Khan, Kumar was intrinsically motivated to act and dance stating, “Akshay doesn’t wake up one day and decides that he needs to work out; he understands the value of the work. On the same interview, Khan openly complimented Kumar for his hardworking attitude, Every job is done with the intensity of doing his last job Siddharthan Kannan also noted that Kumar always displays a businesslike attitude towards his loss and that he concentrates of the best he can do instead of expressing public grief over his loss.

In terms of movies, Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movies have always been in the news, though because of the release of trailer of movie “Sarfira “ and the song “Maar Udi “ As for action full on entertainer, There will be Rohit Shetty’s Singham Again that will star Ajay Devgn and Akshay Kumar, the movie was planned for 15th August release but now it is slated for Akshay Kumar remains hardworking and dedicated to his craft to date is a testimony of his passion for the work he does proving to be a one of a kind role model for the industry within and outside Bollywood.

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