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Bombay High Court to Hear Karan Johar Title Dispute

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Bombay High Court to Hear Karan Johar's Title Dispute

Bollywood filmmaker Karan Johar is upset due to the title of the upcoming Hindi picture called “Shaadi Ke Director Karan Aur Johar and thus the filmmaker approached the Bombay High Court to cease the unauthorized use of his name in the film’s title of the film scheduled for June 14,2024.Listing its grounds bef ore the Honourable Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, RI Chagla, the plea has sought an interim restraining order against release of this film and permanent restraining order against producers, India Pride Advisory, Sanjay Singh and writer and director of the film Bablu Singh.

This has left him aggrieved and questioning the channel’s teaser and poster promos including those posted on social media platforms are detrimental to his reputation and good will. Johar pointed out that it is wrong for Hawa to use his ‘brand name’ in ways that he did not approve, and this has the effect of eroding the hard work he has put into establishing his career in the freight business. On the other hand, Johar is gearing up for the release of his upcoming production of ‘Kill’ which made its World premiere in the Toronto International Film Festival last year and will be releasing on July 5.


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