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Breaking News: Alia Bhatt Drops Jigra Release Date

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Breaking News: Alia Bhatt Drops Jigra Release Date

The lovely lady Alia Bhatt has recently shared the trailer of her upcoming movie along with a release of a very much awaited movie of this year later on the same year which is “Jigra.”The pre-teen, Alia has ventured into acting in the movie directed by Vasan Bala with Vedang Raina as the cast.

With the movie poster, Alia enthralled fans with an endearing picture, in which she looks soulfully at the ground, with the backpack strapped to her back.The poster prominently features the release date: 11. 10.2024 JIGRA Let’s go to the cinema.The woman shared her enthusiasm about the project in an interview with a leading media portal saying, “Just a little over a year later, we are ready to launch our second production Jigra, a beautiful story of courage, passion and determination.

I hope to continence providing unique and timeless stories that can remain relevant in the future and work with talented and creative individuals to present them to the society.”Thankstothe commitment of Alia Bhatt and her focus on meaningful content along with some bright future cinematic projects, “Jigra” should become a visionary movie from the view of the viewers who expect thoughtful narratives on the celluloid.


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