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Priyanka Chopra Glamour on The Bluff Set with Karl Urban

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Priyanka Chopra Glamour on The Bluff Set with Karl Urban

Priyanka Chopra is in the middle of shooting her new movie, The Bluff and she has been taking snaps on the sets from Australia where she is currently shooting with the team.Malti Marie, her lovely daughter, becomes her travel companion in this adventure as well.To be precise, on June 20, Priyanka Chopra shared some of her time on the set of the shooting in Instagram.

One of the posts in what could be considered as her visual blog was a video where Liesse proudly showed off her dramatic appearance before the film. Kneeling down after performing the shoot that required her to be drenched in blood for the role, Priyanka couldn’t help but jest as she remarked, “You know, when you do action, it will look very glamorous, right Yeah,and it was just another day at the office for sure. ”The postalsoincludedadorable pictures of adorable Malti Marie with her friend’s Tamanna Dutt and lovely son Thiaan. She also posted a selfie with her partner Karl Urban and pictures illustrating the filming accident and her elaborated Freckle Face. People close to her responded positively to this post. Shaking my head one user shared-“Tbh, I forgot she was an actress and I panicked, I literally panicked.”Onthe other hand, another user went as far as to compliment her stating- “Priyanka is one of the most inspiring ladies I have come across.

”Technically, the film The Bluff was directed by Frank E. Flowers and the saga narrates the story of a former female pirate.This is an interesting prospective which is part of Amazon MGM Studios and is being developed with the Russo bros AGBO.Beside the super talented actress Priyanka Chopra, it also features Karl Urban, Ismael Cruz Cordova, Safia Oakley-Green, Vedanten Naidoo among others.

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