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Priyanka Chopra Injuries and Daughter Malti Artistic Joy

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Priyanka Chopra Injuries and Daughter Malti Artistic Joy

Still active and with a packed agenda, Priyanka Chopra recently had a moment of cheekiness on the set of her next movie, The Bluff. Chopra always remains a proper professional which is proved by the fact that she shared this rather personal and seemingly rather stupid moment with her fans on Instagram where she joked that it was one of the occupational risks as she is a TV host.

Thanks for sharing this positive experience and her strength brought joy to her fans who appreciate her honesty in all the roles. Apart from her film-making escapades, this B-Town sensation also quenched the thirst of cine-goers with a sneak preview into her private life. Something as simple as a polaroid of growing daughter entertained in paint with her best friend Thiaan Dutt was heartwarming. Also in the production as of the going to the scene location in Australia, The Bluff hopes to give its viewers an interesting storyline in the Caribbean of the 19th century.

Actress Priyanka Chopra who plays a former woman pirate who was struggling through her personal and historical turmoil has received quite a lot of buzz among audience and critics. Gazing forward, Chopra’s calibrated roadmap of an outstanding career, fulfilling personal life, and promising qualitative endeavors will continue to exemplify passion, tenacity and adventurous spirit not only on the silver screen but in real life again and again.

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