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The Family Man Season 3: Manoj Bajpayee Returns for Action!

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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Exciting news for fans as filming for The Family Man Season 3 has officially begun, with Manoj Bajpayee reprising his role as the troubled spy Srikant Tiwari. Created by the talented duo Raj and DK, the Amazon Prime Video thriller promises another thrilling installment of espionage and family drama. Let’s dive into what we know so far about the upcoming season.

The Family Man Season 3 Kickstarts Filming

The much-awaited Season 3 of The Family Man has kicked off its shooting schedule, as confirmed by Prime Video India’s recent social media post. With a clapboard marking the commencement of filming, fans are buzzing with anticipation for the next chapter in Srikant Tiwari’s journey.

Srikant Tiwari’s Next Mission

In the new season, Srikant Tiwari will once again find himself caught between his duty as an intelligence officer and his responsibilities to his family. As he grapples with a looming threat to national security, Srikant must navigate the complexities of his personal and professional life while striving to mend his fractured relationships.

Returning Faces and Familiar Names

Joining Manoj Bajpayee in Season 3 are several familiar faces, including Priyamani as Srikant’s wife Suchitra, and Sharib Hashmi as his colleague JK Talpade. Young actors Ashlesha Thakur and Vedant Sinha will also reprise their roles as the Tiwari kids, adding depth to the family dynamics amidst the high-stakes espionage.

What’s in Store for Season 3

While details about the plot and release date are still shrouded in secrecy, reports suggest that Season 3 will raise the stakes even higher, with Srikant facing off against a formidable adversary. As the tension mounts, viewers can expect a gripping narrative that delves deeper into themes of patriotism, sacrifice, and the human cost of espionage.

Behind the Scenes with Raj & DK

The creative minds behind The Family Man, Raj & DK, are back at the helm for Season 3. Known for their knack for blending action, humor, and emotion, the duo promises to deliver another compelling story that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.

As we eagerly await more updates on The Family Man Season 3, one thing is certain – Srikant Tiwari’s journey is far from over. Get ready for another rollercoaster ride of thrills and drama as the countdown to the new season begins!


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