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Cinema Sukumar Oka Item Song

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"Creative director Sukumar shares insights on item songs at a film event.

Director of Creative Sukumar gave fascinating remarks during the “Arya” 20th anniversary celebration in Hyderabad. An item song from the film called “Aa Ante Amalapuram” was one particular revelation that caught people’s attention. Sukumar expressed, “Initially, I wasn’t keen on including an item song in my film, but Dil Raju Garu insisted. Thus, ‘Aah Ante Amalapuram’ came into being. Despite reservations about certain lyrics and the absence of a top heroine due to budget constraints, actress Abhinayasri delivered a stellar performance.”

He continued, “Ironically, while Raju Garu stopped featuring item songs in his subsequent films, I, on the contrary, began incorporating them into all my projects for commercial viability, despite my personal preferences.” Sukumar‘s track record with item numbers like “Ringa Ringa” (100% Love), “London Babu” (1-Nenokkadine), and “Oo Antava” (Pushpa) showcases his adeptness at seamlessly integrating them into his narratives, albeit driven by commercial considerations rather than personal inclination.

Sukumar’s approach challenges conventional perceptions about item songs, demonstrating that they can be strategically employed for commercial success. His item numbers, marked by creativity and innovation, serve as integral components of his films, contributing to their overall appeal and box office performance. Despite his initial reluctance, Sukumar’s embrace of item songs underscores the complex interplay between artistic integrity and commercial demands in the Indian film industry.


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