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Raj Tarun was caught in the crossfire.. Raj Tarun wants to divorce from Lavanya

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Raj Tarun wants to divorce from Lavanya

Movie actor Raj Tarun’s romance case takes a turn day by day. He says, “Let me live for my life“.

It also means that someone has made a mistake here, but it turns out to be a question. The netizens who are tired of seeing all this, hero roles in movies, such worst panchayats in real life, are uniting the movie actors saying that these are the messages you give to the society.

It is known that the victim, a young woman named Lavanya, filed a case at the Narsinghi police station. It goes like a movie story with unbelievable shocking things coming out. Recently took a new turn. Now the whole country looks towards Tollywood.

However, Lavanya accused Rajtarun of marrying her and committing adultery for ten years. It says that the medical documents related to them have also been submitted. Advocate Kalyan Dilip Sunkara revealed in front of the media that Raj Tarun, who said that he was never married until recently, is now going to change the route and get a divorce. Saying that he was not married before.. Now he raised the word of divorce.. Raj Tarun was caught in the crossfire.

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