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Surprise Hits: Munjya and Maharaja Lead the Box Office

by Mohammad Naseemaa
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After several disappointing releases like Bade Miyan Chote Miyan, Maidaan, The Family Star, Gangs Of Godavari, Love Me, and Rathnam, the box office was facing a downturn. However, amidst this bleak period, a few films such as Garudan, Srikanth, and Aranmanai 4 brought some hope. But then, out of nowhere, two movies emerged as huge successes, defying all expectations.

Munjya, a horror comedy featuring a small computer-generated monster and no big-name stars, is making waves at the Hindi box office. Produced on a modest budget of 30 crores, the film has already grossed 55 crores net in just 10 days.

With its current momentum, it has the potential to surpass the 100 crore mark, although a more realistic estimate would be around 85-90 crores. Meanwhile, down south, Maharaja, starring Vijay Sethupathi, has become the sleeper hit of the season. Not only has it garnered critical acclaim, but it is also raking in substantial earnings at the box office.

The film had a strong opening weekend at the Indian box office, showing an impressive performance. According to trade reports, Maharaja grossed approximately Rs. 30 crores in its first weekend. It had a solid start on Friday, earning Rs. 6.5 crores, and saw significant growth over the weekend, particularly on Sunday, where it exceeded Rs. 13 crores, more than doubling its Friday collections. Unlike other Tamil films this year, Maharaja has performed exceptionally well beyond Tamil Nadu, especially in the Telugu states where the dubbed version gained significant traction over the weekend. In the Telugu states alone, the film grossed over Rs. 6.5 crores during the weekend, displaying a strong and unexpected trend in the region. Additionally, Kerala also saw substantial growth over the weekend after a slow start. The film’s collections remained strong on Monday, and if the momentum continues, Maharaja could potentially achieve a lifetime gross of 15 crores in the Telugu market alone.

Munjya and Maharaja have truly come out of nowhere and captured the hearts of audiences, surprising everyone with their unexpected success.

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