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Big Twist: Malvi complains on Rajtarun’s lover

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Malvi reacted to the allegations of affair with Rajtarun

Tollywood hero’s quarrel is taking a turn day by day. Apart from that, the number of cases and press meets is going on. Moreover, a young woman named Lavanya has filed a case against Raj Tarun that he cheated her by saying that he loves her and will marry her since last few days. Moreover, Raj Tarun has made serious allegations against Raj Tarun that he is in a relationship with another heroine.

Raj Tarun also reacted on this. He dismissed all of them as lies. Moreover, he said that Lavanya was using drugs.. and was in a relationship with other people. But in this issue, the name of heroine Malvi Malhotra came up on the screen and it became very viral. Due to this, Malvi Malhotra complained against Lavanya a few days ago. Recently, Lavanya’s press meet Petti Mari Raj Tarun and Malvi Malhotra are going to get married, Malvi belongs to a political family in Himachal Pradesh and has alleged that they have threatened to kill her.

With this, actress Malvi Malhotra has once again filed a complaint against Lavanya with the Filmnagar police. Heroine Malvi Malhotra has filed a complaint against Raj Tarun’s lover Lavanya. She has complained that all the allegations made by Lavanya that she is spreading false propaganda against her are false and that she is sending inappropriate messages to my brother. According to Malhotra’s complaint, the Filmnagar police are investigating and registering a case. Let’s see how Lavanya reacts to this case. Lavanya, who complained about Raj Tarun and Malvi to Narsingh police, filed a complaint once again with some evidence and screen shots. Also, Malvi Malhotra acted together with Raj Tarun in the movie Darhabadara Sami. While this movie was supposed to be released on July 19, it seems that it will be postponed due to this incident. Let’s see how far their quarrel will lead.

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