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lavanya | Rajtarun made me have an abortion.. Another twist in the Lavanya case

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Lavanya's suicide note..!

It is known that Tollywood young hero Raj Tarun’s girlfriend Lavanya’s affair has become the talk of the town. Lavanya has already filed a complaint in Narsinghi police station that Raj Tarun believed that he would marry her and left her because of an affair with Malvi Malhotra. But all the things mentioned in Lavanya’s complaint are lies. On the other hand, Rajtarun also said that he broke up with Lavanya a long time ago due to her drug addiction.

There have already been reports that Lavanya has been asked to show evidence on the matters mentioned in the complaint as part of the investigation. Lavanya once again filed a complaint in Narsinghi police station. I got married to Raj Tarun ten years ago. We have been making camphor for ten years. Some years ago, Rajtarun got me to have an abortion. Provide the medical documents to the police. We are together with Lavanya alias Anvika. We also went abroad together in the name of Anvika. She made it clear to the police that Raj Tarun kept me away when Malvi Malhotra came.

Lavanya submitted 170 photos and technical evidence to the police. A case has been registered under IPC 493 and other sections. In this background, it seems that the police is examining the evidence submitted by Lavanya. And there is a lot of interest in the direction of the Rajtarun-Lavanya case.

I didn’t come into Raj Tarun’s life until I became a hero.. We used to live next to each other when he was making Uyyala Jhampala. I believed him when he told me that I will announce our marriage publicly when the time comes. I can’t live without Raj Tarun. It is known that Lavanya has already revealed to the media that even though I am old, he is still in my heart.

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