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Mahesh Babu Adopts Fan’s Kids in Heartwarming Act

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Everyone knows that our Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu is a real hero, not just on screen but off-screen too. With his hard work, he has saved thousands of lives by performing heart operations on small children, becoming a visible god to many families. However, among his crores of fans, one fan’s tragic story is now touching everyone.

A man named Rajesh from Bapatla Kakarlamudi, a huge fan of Mahesh Babu and the legendary Krishna, has been suffering from serious health problems for some time now, leaving his family in a helpless state. Rajesh named his three young sons Arjun, Atidhi, and Agadu after Mahesh Babu, whom he admires.

Arjun, the oldest, works at several jobs to supplement the family’s income, but it is not enough. After learning about the three children’s circumstances, Mahesh Babu decided to adopt them. Mahesh is going to take care of everything. Mahesh Babu, who is already adored by his followers for his many kind gestures, has gained their hearts once more with this compassionate act.

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