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Music Shop Murthy Review: A Tale of Dreams and Desires

by Naveen
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Movie Name: Music Shop Murthy
Release Date: 14 June 2024
Starring: Ajay Ghosh, Chandini Chaudhary, Amani, Bhanu Chander etc.
Directed by: Shiva Paladugu
Producer: Harsha Garapati, Ranga Rao Garapati
Music: Pawan
Cinematography: Srinivas Bejugam

Music Shop Murthy Review:

Rating: 3/5


Ajay Ghosh portrays Murthy, a middle-aged man running a music shop in Vinukonda. His wife (Amani) urges him to switch to a cellphone shop, but a turn of events leads Murthy to pursue a DJ career. Anjana (Chandini Chaudhary) dreams of becoming a DJ too, forging an unlikely alliance with Murthy to repair a DJ console. Their journey unfolds with challenges in Hyderabad.


  • Ajay Ghosh’s versatile performance as Murthy, balances comedy and drama effectively.
  • Chandini Chaudhary’s portrayal of Anjana brings depth and charm to her character.
  • Director Siva’s narrative prowess captures Murthy’s transformation into a DJ with emotional resonance.
  • Well-crafted comedy and emotional moments enhance the storytelling.


  • Occasional slow pacing in the narrative may test the audience’s patience.
  • Secondary characters like Bhanuchander and Amani lack development despite decent performances.

Technical Aspects:

  • Impressive cinematography captures the essence of the narrative with visual finesse.
  • A memorable background score by the music director elevates emotional and dramatic scenes.
  • Director Siva’s debut showcases promising storytelling skills with effective production values.


‘Music Shop Murthy’ stands out with Ajay Ghosh’s standout performance and a heartfelt narrative of personal reinvention. Despite pacing issues, it delivers engaging comedy and emotional depth, making it a worthwhile watch for its unique storyline and strong performances.

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