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Prasanna Vadanam Review: Must-Watch Twists and Turns Drama

by Naveen
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Prasanna Vadanam Review: Must-Watch Twists and Turns Drama

Prasanna Vadanam Review:

Rating: 3.5/5


The story of “ Prasanna Vadanam” commences with a nerve-racking mischance including Surya (played by Suhas) and his family, coming about in the conclusion of confront visual deficiency by the specialist. The plot at that point shifts to the display day, where Surya is delineated as a Radio Maneuver (RJ), and Aadhya (depicted by Payal Radhakrishnan) is presented as a courageous woman. The beginning scenes between them are filled with humor, setting the arrangement for consequent occasions.

As the story advances, a stunning occurrence unfurls some time recently Surya, driving to an arrangement of charming experiences between the characters. During the unfurling show, a blissful tune grouping includes a light-hearted touch to the story. Be that as it may, pressure emerges as the police heighten their look for Surya, connecting him to the occurrence. The circumstance heightens when the guilty party targets Surya, diving him into a risky bind.


– Locks in a storyline with suspenseful twists.
– Solid exhibitions by the cast, especially Suhas.
– Well-executed interim bend that keeps the gathering of people interested.


– A few comedic scenes may feel constrained or unnecessary.
– Certain plot advancements need profundity and clarity.

Technical Aspects:

– Cinematography successfully captures the disposition and tone of the narrative.
– Music upgrades the enthusiastic effect of key scenes.
– Altering keeps up a brisk pace, guaranteeing a group of onlooker’s engagement.


Prasanna Vadanam” offers locks in a mix of tension, humor, and dramatization. Whereas it may have its deficiencies, the film’s grasping storyline and commendable exhibitions make it a beneficial observation. With its unforeseen turns and paramount minutes, it clears out watchers energetically foreseeing the conclusion. Save my title, mail, and site in this browser for the next time I comment. Remain overhauled almost the most recent news, sees, investigation, and audits almost the modern trailers, most recent motion pictures, web arrangement, melodies, celebrity life, and sports news. Type over and press Enter to look. Press Esc to cancel.


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