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Prathinidhi 2 Review: Right Political Drama for Right Time

by Naveen
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Prathinidhi 2 Review:

Rating: 3/5


Prathinidhi 2, the sequel to the 2014 hit film, brings back Nara Rohit as Chetan, a fearless journalist. Chetan, a reporter at the NNC news channel, works on political corruption. The story unfolds as the state’s Chief Minister dies, and his son vies for the position. Chetan delves deeper, uncovering the truth behind the death and the web of political maneuvering. Prathinidhi 2 Review Follows the Positives, Negatives, Technical Aspects, and Verdict.


  • Nara Rohit impresses with his strong portrayal of the determined character Chetan. His portrayal of an honest journalist is both convincing and engaging.
  • Social Message: The movie highlights the significance of voting and shows the impact of voters.
  • Direction: Chief Murthy Devagupta takes an unbiased position, advertising bits of knowledge from a journalist’s point of view on the decision process.
  • Nara Rohit’s Execution: He impresses with his depiction of the decided character, Chetan.


  • Uneven Pacing: The moment half feels slow, and a few scenes need coherence, influencing the general flow.
  • Supporting Cast: Whereas Rohit sparkles, a few supporting performing artists battle to convey persuading performances.

Technical Aspects:

  • Cinematography: Nani Chamidshetty did good work mainly in close-up shots and climax scenes.
  • Music: Mahathi Swarasagar’s background score plus the story, including pressure and drama.


Prathinidhi 2 offers a not-too-bad but Rohit’s execution, the social message, and Murthy’s course make it worth observing. In any case, enhancements in pacing, generation plan, and supporting cast exhibitions may have lifted the film assist.


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