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Ravi Teja’s Mr. Bachchan Show Reel Release Date Announced!

by Naveen
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Here’s a big one! Ravi Teja and Harish Shankar team up for Mr. Bachchan, a power-packed action flick. It’s the remake of the Hindi hit Raid starring Ajay Devgn. Harish Shankar is known for his knack with remakes and promises a fresh take on this one.

The production crew is gearing up for an exciting ride with major updates coming your way. They just dropped a set video, and Harish Shankar confirmed they’ve wrapped up shooting. Get ready for a showreel from Mr. Bachchan on June 17th, but here’s the twist: no dialogues in it!

Harish Shankar plans to hype the movie uniquely, starting with this showreel. In Mr. Bachchan, Ravi Teja plays a government employee with a strong social message. Bhagyashree Borse stars opposite him. Backed by People Media Factory, the music is by Mickey J Meyer.

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