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Yevam Review: A Refreshing Take on Crime and Justice

by Naveen
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Yevam Review:

Rating: 2.5/5


In “Yevam,” Soumya (Chandini Chaudhary) takes on the role of a police officer despite societal ridicule. Assigned to Vikarabad police station, she faces challenges when a series of girls are trapped by Yugandhar (Vashishta Simha) using deceptive tactics. As Soumya delves deeper into the case, her personal and professional life intertwines with unexpected twists and revelations.


  • Chandini Chaudhary shines in her first police officer role, portraying both vulnerability and strength.
  • Vashishta Simha delivers a convincing performance as the antagonist, adding depth to the narrative.
  • The storyline keeps viewers engaged, particularly in the second half where the suspense builds effectively.
  • The portrayal of Telangana’s local flavor adds authenticity and resonates with the audience.


  • The first half of the movie progresses slowly, focusing on character introductions and setups.
  • While the villain’s identity is revealed early, the plot keeps audiences guessing about how the police will apprehend him.
  • The cinematography could have been more captivating, though the art direction compensates with its attention to detail.

Technical Aspects:

  • The background music enhances the emotional depth of the scenes, contributing to the film’s atmosphere.
  • Set designs are commendable, creating realistic environments that enrich the storytelling.
  • Director Prakash Dantuluri’s attempt at a novel narrative structure is praiseworthy, despite pacing issues.


“Yevam” is a commendable effort that explores the challenges faced by a female police officer. Chandini Chaudhary’s performance and the film’s engaging storyline make it a worthwhile watch, despite some technical and pacing drawbacks.

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